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Staging Deck



Our 1m by 2m panels can make any modular shape and can also be carpeted for a professional finish


our legs are adjustable from between 400mm and 600mm therefore raised areas can be used for drummers or choirs


With its aluminium frame and wooden topped construction it is very strong



Day Price

£15 ea

Week Price

£20 ea


Staging is great to give your band or musicians a chance to be seen by all in the venue, fast and efficient installation is great for quick change a rounds.


All panels tooless lock together using special clamps to make sure it does not separate in use.


Should you require casement to finish off the stage please ask us to add it for you.


Each panel is supplied with a non-slip Black waterproof coating, 4 Legs and enough clamps for your stage size. Carpeting can also be fitted for a Professional finish.





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